How Physical Therapy Helped My Shoulder. Almost every day I worked out at my local gym and began waking up with some ache and slight pain in my right shoulder. I thought it was just soreness from playing basketball and working out five times a week. The more I continued my routine the worse it got. One day, I caught myself dropping my fork trying to eat shrimp fried rice because of how intense the pain was in my shoulder. My stubborn self finally realized I needed to stop and see a physical the...
Posted on 2020-07-10
Common Basketball Injuries and Prevention Tips Basketball is the most popular youth sport in the US. A study by the National Athletic Trainers Association found that 22 of the time, that injury is to the ankle or foot, making this the most injured area. Some other common injuries to basketball players include: Lower Extremity Muscle strains such as a groin pull, quadriceps, hamstring, or calf strain Knee ligament injuries such as ACL, LCL, MCL tears or sprains Ankle sprains, inclu...
Posted on 2018-06-06

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