How Physical Therapy Helped Me

How Physical Therapy Helped My Shoulder

Almost every day I worked out at my local gym and began waking up with some ache and slight pain in my right shoulder. I thought it was just soreness from playing basketball and working out five times a week. The more I continued my routine the worse it got. One day, I caught myself dropping my fork trying to eat shrimp fried rice because of how intense the pain was in my shoulder. My stubborn self finally realized I needed to stop and see a physical therapist. I saw Billy Beaudreau and he began questioning and testing my pain, weakness and range of motion around not just my shoulder but my entire upper body and core. The evaluation was extremely professional and knowledgeable in assessing my injury and then diagnosing it. After that, every visit Billy and the entire staff  gave me the most beneficial treatment such as precise exercises, shoulder manipulation, deep tissue massages, and the most effective technique to rid the pain and jumpstart the healing process was the dry needling therapy. After 5 visits of trusting the process of physical therapy, I was astonished on that final visit. My shoulder was completely healed and I had actually improved my strength and range of motion all together. I will never forget my experience and how important it is to keep your body in check. Now every time I feel my body is not at 100%, I will always call up my physical therapists at Superior Rehabilitation for a quick check-up.

-Brandon Pickett