We received the following communication from a Medical Doctor in our community asking us for help:

"We are facing a critical juncture in the pandemic. Even though we have worked so diligently to flatten the virus curve, we are currently seeing spikes throughout most of the state...

Louisiana has had more then 3,000 people die of COVID-19 already, and younger people are not only getting the virus at an alarming rate, but they are getting sicker and requiring more medical care than at the start of the pandemic. No one is immune; even babies get the virus...

The time is now to make a difference! As a [medical professional], you are critical to the success of our effort to obtain comunity-wide support to contain COVID.

This starts with asking every patient to Make the COVID Commitment. It is a very simple pledge of prevention.


On behalf of myself and others:
1) I will wear a mask, particularly when indoors, wash my hands frequently and keep surfaces disinfected.
2) I will socially (physically) distance at least six feet or more.
3) I will minimize my trips outside of my home and I will not congregate with people outside of my household.
4) I will quarantine for 14 days if I have been exposed to COVID-19, even if I have a negative test during that time period, because I understand that I may not exhibit symptoms until as late as the end of the 14th day.

Ask your patients to be a role model in their family and friend groups. When he/she makes this commitment to defeat COVID-19, ask him/her to share this news on social media using this hashtag: #covidcommitment "

At Superior we have made this committment. We are wearing masks, keeping our clinic clean, and doing our part to eradicate this virus! We urge our family/friends to as well.

Stay Safe,

Your friends at Superior Rehabilitation.