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Superior Rehabilitation, providing physical therapy and rehabilitation services in Metairie, Louisiana, opened in May 2005 with a philosophy of care to help patients restore their quality of life lost through injury or pain.

Distinguished for our success in treating orthopedic musculoskeletal dysfunction and post-op rehabilitation. We bring almost 30 years of experience in outpatient physical therapy to our client base in Metairie, Kenner and New Orleans.

Our philosophy starts with friendly personal care and a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of your problems, not just your symptoms. We empower you to be part of your own rehabilitation process through exercise in the clinic and prescribed exercises that you will do on your own in between visits.

Whether your symptoms are part of an acute or chronic condition, a work injury or a sports injury, we will use the most up to date research and high quality treatment to get you back to the quality of life you are looking for. 

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