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My experience here helped me a lot.  I don't have the backaches when I get up in the morning.  My legs have gotten stronger.  I have a feeling of high self esteem.  Superior has helped me a great deal, and I recommend them and the staff to anyone.  A very friendly and courteous atmosphere.    Vincent P.

When I began PT a month ago my back was so bad that I was not able to do most of my housework or work in my garden.  I could not spend time shopping, nor could I even bend to tie my shoes.  The pain was so great that I could hardly sleep.  After you worked patiently with me, I can now do all of these things. I can truthfully say that your professional, friendly, atmosphere will continue to be the one I choose!  And, I can finally get a good nights sleep.  Thanks Everyone   Elena S.


When I first started I didn't think I would ever be close to where I'm at now.  I feel better, sleep better and thank these people here for being so professional nd healing me.  I would recommend these people to everyone.  Thanks for these people and there training and skills.    Ken G.


PT has helped my foot pain greatly!  I have much less pain than before I started therapy, and my foot and ankle feel stronger.  My experience here was as it always is excellent!  Everyone here is truly awesome!  Professional and caring!!!!     Linda G.

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The staff at Superior have indeed exceeded my expectations.  The exercise program was challenging, yet very beneficial.  I appreciate their friendliness and professionalism as they have worked with me.  I would definitely recommend Superior to my friends needing physical therapy.   Cynthia R.

My experience here was great I recommend this facility to anyone.  Everyone here is always ready to help and it is  very related.  Before I started here I had a hard time picking up things, bending over and moving without pain.  Now, I'm 10 times better.  I can move without pain.     Patrick B.

When I first started PT I walked a little funny.  I could just barely lift my own body weight from a seated position.   Now, I can squat, run and much more.  Hollie L.


Superior Rehabilitatin gave me a great experience during my physical therapy sessions and visits.  Everyone is professional, friendly, and attentive.  The therapists worked very well with me on each and every visit.  Before I began therapy here, I had trouble with my muscles locking up in my right arm and shoulder.  The therapy appointments helped me loosen the muscles and improvement in movement in my arm.  I would recommend this place to anyone.  I have not one negative complaint.  Excellent Care, Excellent Service.         Carina L.

My experience at Superior rehabilitation has been awesome.  They encourage and push you just the amount that you need.  And let me add, they also make it fun.  There is a family type atmosphere.  The assessments are very thorough, helpful and informative.  I would recommend them to anyone.  The therapy has been helpful and has improved my strength ability and no pain.    Gisele J. 

I have had a fantastic experience here at Superior.  Everyone from the owner, the manager, the therapists and others was so kind and helpful every single visit.  I cannot say enough about the attention and dedicated help that I received here at Superior during my therapy.  My strength has so much improved since this program.  In the past, I have done physical therapy at 3 or 4 other establishments, but none can measure up to my experiences at Superior  I would recommend Superir to everyone, and I have already done so to a couple of people.  Additionally, I like it enough to continue in their wellness program.  Bobbie Z.

My experience here for the past 32 visits has overall been very positive and encouraging.  Every employee here always checks in to see how I'm doing and to make sure I'm on the right path to recovery.  Before PT, I had trouble with my daily routine.  I had pain constantly and could not really dress, stand, walk, etc. without extreme care.  My knee would partially dislocate with simple tasks such as bending down or standing up.. Now, I can freely walk without fear.   Brittany D.

I injured my left hip area and lower back in July 2016.  I was sent to Superior for rehab of the affected area.  I could not lift anything with weight.  It hurt to stand for long periods of time.  It hurt to walk. I could not do much for days other than lay on my back.   Sleeping was painful and a chore.  The staff at Superior Rehab took great care of me.  They were professional, patient, and very knowledge about my injury.  They tried a number of exercises and methods of treatment that were great and got me back to a point where I was pain free, mobile and feeling fantastic.    Malcolm W.

I came to Superior with a hand/thumb injury from work in severe pain.  Through weeks of therapy, I noticed drastic improvement with each visit.  The staff is friendly, caring, nurturing and accommodating in every aspect of individual care for their patients.  I am more than satisfied with the service I was given.  I would recommend Superior to anyone who needs therapy.  You can't ask for a more caring supportive group of people to help you through to recovery.  Elizabeth L.

I would not be able to move my arm and shoulder without the wonderful persistence of this wonderful staff.  I will always remember how you treated me like family. I will come back to see all my new friends often.  I love everyone of You.     Rosemary D.

Superior Rehab opened in May 2005 and each one of our clinicians brings along almost 20 years of experience in outpatient physical therapy.  We offer friendly, personal attention and our staff is here to guide and encourage you through the rehabilitation process, with the ultimate goal being to         restore your health and functional abilities.  We take great pride in our personal patient care, our advanced training, and our commitment to excellence.

Superior Rehabilitation’s philosophy is to provide the latest proven therapeutic approaches toward rehabilitating orthopedic musculoskeletal disorders affecting the neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, and ankles.  Whether your symptoms are a result of an acute or chronic condition, an accident, a work-related injury, sports related, or age-related, we are trained to provide you with evidence based treatment that will get you back to the activities that you enjoy doing.  While treating your physical disorder, we emphasize return to work issues and your sport/family specific goals.   

We also provide wellness programs, industrial and ergonomic assessments, functional capacity evaluations, and patient education.  We work with some of the largest employers in south Louisiana including oil refineries, grain elevators, barge companies, and the hotel industry to make your transition back to work smooth and safe. At Superior Rehabilitation, we are focused on you.

My experience with Superior was great.  The people that worked with  me treated me great.  I am going to miss coming here because they really helped me come a long way.  I had pain in my lower back and neck, and now the pain is 100% better.  Thanks to everyone here at Superior.   Darren P.

When I started here I had daily pain in the neck, under my shoulder blades and headaches, but that has decreased significantly .  I feel much better.  The staff is very friendly and very informative.  I have enjoyed my workouts.  It was not a drudgery to come for my appointments like I thought it might be.  I would recommend Superior because it is " SUPERIOR"!!!!!!   Thanks Everyone!!!

 Patricia M.


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic

When I started PT, I hurt, was stiff, had poor sleep, was starting to have some balance concerns and felt old!  After 4 weeks my pain is gone, I am sleeping all night, much more flexible and have great balance.  I am enjoing my gardening which I had neglected before PT due to the pain.  I also have gained motivation from the staff to continue to exercise to keep fit.  The staff is professional, upbeat, encouraging and make exercise fun.  I am very thankful and grateful to them for their help in my recovery.                  Diane D.

My experience here at Superior was great.  The staff was pleasant and knowledgeable.  In two weeks time, I was feeling 100% better - no more pain.  The exercises are not hard and easy to go from one to the next and before you know it you are done.  This  is my second time coming to Superior with back problems and I would definitely refer anyone to them.     Marie O

When I began, I couldn't lift any weight with my left arm, couldn't hook bra without lots of pain; even shampooing my hair was difficult.  Now, I am SUPERWOMAN again!  I can lift, stretch, fasten my bra, and lots of normal activities I couldn't do before.  Yah for PT and Robyn and Staff!  Great people and always smiling!!! Bridget J.

"I had therapy after shoulder surgery, I couldn't do anything with my arm.  Now, I just started playing tennis, which was my main goal.  Without everyone here I could have not done it and I would still be in pain and not be able to move my arm.  The staff here is amazing, very friendly, helpful and caring.  I will not go any other place.  I feel like family and they treat you like family.  I love it at Superior!!          Neyda L.